Shanghai 2021 the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

On June 9,2021, the International Exhibition of Senior Care, Rehabilitation Medicine and Healthcare, Shanghai 2021 was opened grandly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Foshan Q-fiber Polymer Home Technology Co.,Ltd was invited to participate in the exhibition.



Q-fiber shows the new 4D air fiber mattress tailored for pension and care beds. This mattress has unique properties such as high breathability, washable, and high elasticity. This not only provides the gospel for bedridden patients, but also reduces the work burden of caregivers.

The exhibition lasted three days, and Q-fiber company attracted a large number of professional audiences. Our staff enthusiastically and patiently explained and showed the performance and characteristics of the products to the participating audience. Many audiences understand the product and have shown a strong intention of cooperation. This exhibition we not only consolidated the existing cooperation relationship, but also explored a large number of potential customers, laying a good foundation for the future development of the market.